BCArchive 1.08.6

Compress data in encrypted, password-protected archives


  • Can be launched from context menu
  • Several encrypting methods to choose from


  • Self-extracting files don't seem to work properly

Very good

BCArchive is a compressing and archiving tool that has been especially designed for all those security paranoids out there. It enables to create archives and keep them away from prying eyes with encryption and password protection.

The program is very easy to use. In fact, you don't need to open it: simply right click on the files you want to archive and select the appropriate option in the context menu. Plus, the program enables you to select the kind of encryption method you want to use. The whole procedure is simple and fast. Just remember to use strong passwords, because if you keep on using your own name as your universal password, programs like BCArchive are simply useless.

My only complaint about this app is that self-extracting files don't seem to work. After creating one, I tried to open it on another PC without having BCArchive installed and all I got was an error message.

A great tool to protect private data in compressed encrypted archives.

The BCArchive software is designed to compress a group of files/folders to a single encrypted file. The following options to encrypt data are implemented:

  • Create compressed and encrypted archive file protected by password.
  • Create compressed and encrypted archive file encrypted using the public key of another user.
  • Add several passwords to an existing archive file.
  • Apply more than one public keys to an archive file enabling a number of users to decrypt the archive.
  • Generate new or use existing secret/public key pairs in PKCS-12/X.509 format.
  • Compress and encrypt data to a self-extracted executable program. The user can run the program and extract the data even on a computer where BCArchive is not installed.

BCArchive enables the use of existing public key databases, such as those created for PGP software, which have been used world-wide for many years.



BCArchive 1.08.6

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